About NuberPlex


NuberPlex a Cascadia Programming company is based in the great pacific northwest. Providing data conversion and automation services to clients which need the job done!

Mission Statement

NuberPlex is committed to building integrity into every product and partnership, and to delivering world class technology to our customers; software that improves efficiency and reduces costs, allowing you to achieve maximum profitability.

The Company

NuberPlex was formed in 2018 to provide powerful, low-cost software solutions for business entities that share responsibility for data integration. Our passion is to create solutions that are tailor-made to meet your needs.

Our Advantage

NuberPlex's solutions are low-cost, easy to use, and feature-rich. We have the experience to get your job done... and done right. We create technology that gets you the results you need at a price your company can afford. NuberPlex solutions allow critical business processes to be implemented in days instead of months, contributing significantly to time and personnel resource savings. We create cutting technology that is becoming the standards of tomorrow.


Over the years, our innovative technology and unbeatable customer service have produced amazing results for companies like yours. Cartographer®, introduced in 1996, is a tremendously successful data conversion software application that allows business partners to easily and quickly communicate data between their software systems. Through this tool, data relationships can be established without programming. The most significant feature of Cartographer® is its ability to exchange data without regard to operating system, database or specific collection system.