Technology You Control... The Data Transformation Process. Fast and Locally!

NuberPlex stands in front of more than 20 years experience in a variety of programming languages and protocols. We listen to your business needs and help you translate those needs into solutions to meet your business goals.

Cartographer is our flagship data conversion software program.



  • Client and Server-Side deployment
  • Local client for quick data processing, NO web uploads required
  • No Internet connection required
  • Typed Fields
  • Dynamics
    • Dynamic Column Positions
    • Dynamic Column Names
    • Fixed-Length File Rollups
    • Fixed-Length Flattening Out
  • 100% Java, Client & Server-Side
  • Scripting

Cartographer Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for custom programming for data conversions
  • Save thousands of dollars in custom programming costs
  • Eliminate error-prone custom data conversion programs
  • Self-documents the conversion process and flow
  • Reuse file definitions (dictionaries) across multiple conversion projects
  • Create a structure that can be used again and again, allowing non-programmers to run jobs

Additional Cartographer Add-ons

Automation Scheduler

Schedule task a specific time and/or when a trigger is fired. Example: A file arrives, gets converted and loaded, no matter the time.


Manage multiple connection types: SFTP, FTPS, FTP, SMB, etc.


PGP, GPG, AES(128, 256, 512), SHA, MD5, etc.